Molecular Application

This article is not publish to debate the science of DNA but to bring the presence of DNA facilities to people that visits Iyare family website. The concept and availability of such a scientific service should be welcome and should be appreciated in this area of the world in which the company in focus is based. The advantages of such centres in places that have good government can be enamours.

The objective is Lahor Research Laboratories and Medical Centre, Benin City, Nigeria. As far as we know, the business is real. The reliability and practices at the centre including their professionalism are for the facilitators to guild.

Iyare family have no financial gain, affiliation or benefits of any kind from or with this centre. However, the facility was made aware of our intention to write about their activities without prejudice. Therefore, our followers are encourage to ask questions and to do their own homework to better help them in the decisions they make if and when they choose to use their services.

The clinic claims to provide Genetic Sequencing, Parentage DNA Testing, Forensic DNA/Database Profiling, Molecular Diagnosis of Infectious and Non – Infectious Disease.

Our family sites viewers are increasing and we hope some viewers may find interest in such issues to better help them in any way possible.

Lahor Research Laboratories and Medical Centre Facilitators are Dr. Christian Happi, School of Public Health, Havard University, USA, and Dr. Folarin O.A , Institute for Advance Medical Research and Training(IMRAT), University of Ibadan, and Dr. Tatfeng Ym Ph.D,FMLSCN Dept. of Med. Lab. Sci. Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State, and Patrick Vescovi Export/Technical Manager Applied Biosystems, France Office.

Our sources are accurate as provided and credential validations were not done.

A Facilitator and also the clinic Co-Ordinator Prof. Dennis Edo Agbonlahor Ph.D, FIMBS,FMLSCN,FRCpath. (Lond) is at the centre which is located at 121 Old Benin-Agbor Road, near Agbor park in Ohovbe and Ogbeson Quarters, Benin City, Nigeria.

If the people understands the Genetic Analyzer or DNA sequencer significant and embraces it uses, followed by the facilitators staying within the core of the science and most importantly with the authorities supporting, ensuring and protecting the integrity and fundamentals of molecular applications, then and only then can our effort to have focus on this issue may become fruitful.



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