The History of Iyarefamily

The history traced started from a native Doctor (Ndr) called Otoeghile who gave birth to ten children. The first son was Odigie, follow by Idahosa, Aghedo, Egharevba, Igbinikhokho, Ogbebor, Izekhor, Iziengbe (female) and Iyawe. The tenth child is not accounted here. The name update will follow as soon as it becomes available.

Ndr Otoeghile was a renowned doctor of the time. He practice his medicine all over the empire and he grew sub units families at some of the place in the Benin Kingdom. Otoeghile centralized Oza Village as his major ancestor point referred to as” Aizoboranmwemavbie”. He married ten wives that were all over the Benin Kingdom. The first wife is the woman he married before the others. The seniority is base on when they were married. The first wife to Otoeghile was base in the village of Oza. She also gave birth to Odigie the eldest child. Otoeghile had wives and families in other villages like Evbozegbo, Ugoneki,Ikpako in Ovia. Ovia south west Local Government and at Iguehana in Uhunmwonde local Government area Edo state of Nigeria.

The first son, Odigie Otoeghile also became a native or traditional Doctor like his father. He had three children name here according to their seniority, Osagie, Aisagbonbuomwan and Igbineweka
History has it that Odigie was a chief in The Oba of Benin Kingdom. He was crown the title of “Obamwonyi of Benin Kingdom”. Chief Odigie is the first chief that could be accounted from the time of Otoeghile in our family. It is believe that the chief trained a dog messenger. This dog messenger was used in relaying messages from his palace in Oza to the Monarch in Benin. The dog name was Obonozokan.

Osagie Odigie had children among whom he named Igbineweka and Daniel. Igbineweka Odigie had children among whom is Pulley Igbineweka. Mr. Pulley is currently the surviving person and oldest in the linage of Odigie of Otoeghile decendents.

Aisagbonbuomwan Odigie had four female children and his house is still directly opposite Oza village Market in Uhunmwode Local Government Area (L.G.A).

The second son of Otoeghile was Idahosa. He also was a traditional Doctor like his brother and father. He established at Evbozegbo and married four wives. He had six children. four females and two males. The males were each from separate wives. The eldest son was called Odaro.
Odaro Idahosa gave birth to four children. Three females and a male call Sunday odaro Idahosa. The four Odaro Idahosa children are a life and well with children and great grand children.

Among the four wives that Idahosa Otoeghile married was the second wife called Ehnoragbon. It was told that Ehnoragbon had total of eighten children but four survived. Three females and a male. These names were ILevba Idahosa, Iyare Idahosa, Isele Idahosa and Evbahie Idahosa. The grand children of these four survived chidren of Idahosa are alife and well with their own children and grand children. The history of the only son called Iyare shall continue. However, we need to mention more of the children of Otoeghile before returning to Iyare Idahosa.

The third son of Otoeghile called Aghedo had more than a child, however the information are pending. The eldest of the children is call James Aghedo who is the father of Easter, Orben, Evans, Friday, Rita and Oscar.

The fourth son of Otoeghile was Egharevba. He gave birth to a female called Okhise Egharevba who also begotten three female Children who went to married into other families. These families kept their close contact as we extends and gather once in a while especially during occasions.

The fifth son called Igbinikhokho Otoeghile had two females children that also married to other families.

The sixth son was called Ogbebor Otoeghile. He had two male children namely Owie Ogbebor and Uwuigbe Ogbebor. Each of the son were from seperate mothers.

Owie Festus information are pending.

Uwuigbe Ogbebor was the second known in the family to become a chief following Odigie. He became “The Ohenokobosare” of Benin Kingdom. Uwuigbe was a very prominent person. He married to more than three wives. Had 37 children. Among whom are John Uwuigbe Ogbebor ( the eldest), Enobu, Ayowhan, Franca, Obi and Newman Uwuigbe Ogbebor. The Chief died at seventy five years.

Izekor Otoeghile was the seventth son. He married two wives with a total of six children. The first wife had four children, Three male and one female namely Imariagbe,Orhomina, Orkhowmoseh and the female Enomwanghanre. The second wife had two children. A male called Irabor and the female called Elizabeth (Eliza). The oldest child called Imariagbe was the first trained Tailor in the family. The name of the elder son of Imariagbe is James Izekor, followed with Felix Igbinazaka,Igbinedion. The females are Ehboo, Alis, Veronica and Madaline. (Madaline is Emmanuel Osifo Mother).

The ninth child of Otoeghile was a female called Iziengbe Otoeghile. She got married and had two known male children namely Ozigbo and Edosomwan.

Ozigbo had many children among who is Mrs. Osariewmen who married into Omowfowan family currently resides in Iguobadia Street in New Benin Area, Benin city. She has many children among whom are Joseph Ikponwosa, Collins, Helen, Osatohavwen, Isoken, Osazuwa, Enoma and Iyobosa.

Iyawe was the last son of Otoeghile. He had Six children and married two wives. The first wife had a child (his name pending and he is believed to be late) He may also be the father of Papa and possibly Fidel. The second wife of Iyawe had five children, two females and three males. They are Emuwawhen, Osariemen Christopher, John, Mathew’s mother (name pending) and the last born Pius.
Christopher Osariemen Iyawe have nine children and married two wives.The children from the first wife are Yunis, Imuetiyan, Efe, Edeoyemweh, Osaro and Kingsley osawiegie and the other wife children are Osaoyanmon, Faith and Miracle.

The information of the other family members will be updated as we gather them. Now let revisit and continue the history of Iyare Idahosa as earlier mentioned.

Iyare Idahosa became the third chief title holder in the family linage. Chief Odigie Otoeghile was the Obamwonyi of Benin Kingdom, Chief Uwuigbe Ogbebor was the Ohenokobosare of Benin Kingdom and Chief Iyare Idahosa was the Uwaraye of Benin Kingdom.
Iyare became the first educated in the family. He obtained the Stardard Six certificate of the time. Story claimde that he obtained other educational certificates that were available then through self efforts. He was taken to the Oba palace where he live and stayed untill he was grown up and matured. Similar to his father and grand father, Iyare became a trained traditional or native Doctor to the Oba.
When the Oba palace considered Iyare to be mature in 1930, he was then allowed according to tradition free to start his own life. History also claimed here that his education interest was still very high that he did more schooling as an adult. That was when his political activiteis may have started. The country was under the British colony.

Iyare got married in 1945 to Princess miss Maria Aiwehiye Uhunmwangho of the royal family. 1947 the couple started having children. Her first child was a female who died after seven years. A son was born in 1949 and he also died after fourteen days.
In 1951 Mrs and Mr Iyare Idahosa was blessed with a male child name Osarodion Monday Iyare, in 1953 Osayimwen Benard Iyare,in 1956 Enosayaba Christopher Ogbebor Iyare,in 1958 Aghama Abraham Iyare, in 1961 Aisagbonbuomwan Edwin Iyare,in 1964 Evbaruese Iyare, in 1966 Edoba Kingsley Iyare, in 1970 Isowa Hope Iyare and her last child, the only female in 1974 Egbebalakhamen (Egbe) Joy Iyare.

In 1984, Iyare married another wife called Mrs. Vero Iyare. She had three children namely Aiyosareghe Iyare, Omoyemwen Iyare and Imazokeke Iyare.

In Africa family is very important, especially in Benin Kingdom or Empire. Decendants and extended families colaboration is ultra high and vital. All family members in this case, tracing from Otoeghile are closely associating Amazing true. Join us to correct any information that are available now to reflect the flow structure that may have been omitted. Any error is not intentional and you help will be gratefuly apprecited.

Iyare family have more than fifty-four grand children and lots of great grand children. We shall continue to provide all details of the family members going forward and we will update and make corrections were applicable. All Iyare family members are encourage to continue the flow of the needed information to enhance the great work of the family. Special thanks to every person that are helping with the family tree, especialy Osamwonyi Iyare and Aiyosareghe Iyare for ther contributions and those that visits this site.

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