Toronto Election

October 2014 is election in the city of Toronto, Canada prime city and possibly the fourth prime city in North America. This election may be different and far more interesting than previous elections. Iyare family website is declaring that the municipal election in the city of Toronto could be the equivalence of the World Cup Soccer Tournament in politics of 2014. It will be tense but subtle. It will be rough and dramatic. It will be expensive and regulated.

Toronto current mayor Rob Ford become famous from the crack cocaine incident that rock the world news. The major who initially denied and later admitted to smoking cocaine , denied the existence of video of him smoking crack cocaine and other media accusation including the Mayor drinking excessively hit the air waves around the world.

The admission by the major Rob Ford to all the accusation, came to light following the police investigation including police raids of some apartments building and possibly homes of alleged drugs dealers in Toronto.

The saga in Toronto City Hall Government which election is in month of October maybe far fetch than cocaine issues and alcoholic issues surrounding Mayor Ford. It is a cultural shift, it is a power struggle and it is economic matter.

The municipal election in October is going to sum the drama happening in Toronto city hall and maybe help shapes the views of Canadians in ways the politicians should carry themselves.  Can a politician completely separates their private life away from the public life?

Does the culture of Canadian need to be reshapes considering smoking laws, sales of alcohol , prostitution laws, legalization of marijuana? The people of Toronto will vote, other Canadians will seriously comment and the rest of the world will watch carefully. The city of Toronto is very unique because every cultures on earth could be here and alive. How the people of Toronto votes reflects how most world future direction is but in the waiting stage.

The youths could get engaged in October election because Ford issues brought politics and political discussions to the classroom and homes of Canadians. When the youth views agree with the ruling generation, rules intends to stay the same but when they disagrees then changes are inevitable and new direction is proposed.

When the centre is not in power in Toronto politics, the fight between the right and the left becomes very obvious. Rob Ford becoming the mayor was taking power from the left pass the centre all the way to the right. This was needed to correct the economic issue around the globe. As we all know Canada narrowly escape the world economic setback not just because the banks alone but due to the combination of various factors including saving Canada largest city. The tax payers saw it and Rob Ford sounded good for it.

Do Canadian think the economy is good enough to allow the political left who until of recent lost the political grip of power in Toronto to the political right for a return? Can the political left who had fought with every thing possible since Rob Ford was elected to remove him from office also allow him with a come back blow?  This election in October is an election the world will watch and the media are aware of it and the ground are being set for it.

The Federal and Provincial governments will directly and indirectly be affected. Messages could be received. Lesson could be learn. Although other issues are playing part in global changes but the most vivid type is the economic effect. I anticipate economic approach will be used in the Toronto election. This will at least secure the tax payers votes as the economic engine protection. Canadian is not ready for recession and tax payer knows and politicians better know that too.

Time is running out for viable candidates. What will politicians do next? Candidates from left must come up with how they can keep their promises without raising Torontonians tax and without becoming a centre candidate. Can the left able to find a candidate that will do every thing for the tax payers to save the economy of Toronto and not be Rob Ford?

The current Mayor Rob Ford claims that he is going to win the election again is the right thing to say as a politician . In reality he has a very little chance of winning the election again in Toronto. The Ford Nation supporters are tax payers. His chances are seriously compromised by the way he handled the media issues that resulted to his power been removed and given to the Deputy Mayor.

Any country national team that qualify into the world cup competition with good players, able to avoid red cards and scores more goal than other teams will win the trophy. Similarly, any candidates going forward that is able to isolate his or her self from the political drama in the city hall with the agenda to work for tax payers, economy, transparency and subway in Toronto will win the election.

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